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Beechcraft Kit

Cessna Kit

Piper PA-23 Kit

Improved Sumping
This installation holds the fuel cell sump area in the cavity allowing for a more thorough sump.

Extra Protection
The kit protects the fragile rubber drain nipple from weather and wear and tear.

Clean Look
The valve installs to a compact low-profile look that covers unsightly openings in the wing.

The valve is made of stainless steel and is assembled with Viton o-rings for long life.

Easier Maintenance
Once installed, you can drain the cell, clean the valve, or change the standard o-ring from under the wing without having to remove the valve. Approved replacement o-rings include: Nitile MS29513-006 & -010 or Fluorosilicone MS25988-1-006 & -010 or Viton M83248-01-006 & 010.

The valve is pin actuated which also saves on wear and tear. When sumping our valves we suggest using the Jeppesen fuel tester because it is very sturdy and has a bronze rod for the pin that can be trimmed to length.

FAA Approved
Certified to meet TSO-C76b and STC’d for installation on all Beechcraft, Piper PA-23, and Cessna 100 & 200 series aircraft with bladder type fuel cells.

By owners, aircraft associations, IA & A&P’s



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