Beechcraft Kit - 720B

Eagle Valves

Stainless steel construction

FAA approvals
TSO - C76b
STC - SA01110CH

STC eligibility listings below

Improved sumping
This installation holds the fuel cell sump area flat in the cavity allowing for a more thorough sump.

Cleaner Look
Rubber and stainless steel washers cover the opening in the bottom of the wing.

Protects the fragile rubber drain nipple from weather checking and wear & tear

Easier maintenance
Once installed, you can; drain the cell, clean the valve, or change the standard o-ring without removing the valve and disturbing the fuel cell.

Recommended by
Owners, Beechcraft Associations, IA & A&P’s

Beechcraft Photos

Original Beech drain valves Eagle valve P/N FDV-2
Original Beechcraft valve
hanging unsupported
Eagle stainless steel
valve kit installed
Problem Solution

The original valves had problems of their own. For years mechanics replaced the flat seal on the valve. This process weakened the brass cap and rivet that held the valve together. Consequently valves began to fall apart. The manufacturer stopped selling the flat seal and now sell only new valves.

Approved Model Listing

Model Serial Number Applicability
35-33 through G33 CD-1 thru CD-1304 (except CD-982)
35-C33A through F33A CE-1 & after
E33C CJ-1 thru CJ-25
F33C CJ-26 & after
35 through V35B-TC
D-1 & after
36, A36 & G36 E-1 & after
EA-1 thru EA-272 (except EA-242)
B50 & C50
CH-12 thru CH-360
D50 through D50C
DH-1 thru DH-300
FH-71 thru FH-96, FH-94
G50 GH-94, GH-97 thru GH-119
H50 HH-120 thru HH-149
DH-301 thru DH-347
EH-1 thru EH-70
JH-150 thru JH-176
95 through E95
TD-2 thru TD721
95-55 through 95-B55A

TC-1 & after (except TC-350 & TC-1393 thru TC-1396 & TC-1402)

95-C55 through E55A
TC-350, TE-1 & after (except TE-50)
56TC & A56TC
TG-2 thru TG-94
58, 58A & G58

TH-1 & after
58P & 58PA

TJ-3 & after
58TC & 58TCA
TK-1 & after
60, A60 & B60
P-4 & after
65 & A65
LC-1 thru LC-335
LB-1 thru LB-35
65-80, 65-A80, & 65-B80
LD-1 thru LD-511
LP-1 thru LP-47 except LP-27 & LP-29
65-90 through C90GT
LJ-1 & after
LW-1 & after
LA-2 & after
99 through C99
U-1 & after
100, A100, & A100A
B-1 & after
200 & B200
BB-2 thru BB-1313, & BB-1315
BL-1 thru BL-3
BT-1 thru BT-22, BT-28
200CT & B200CT
BN-2 & after (except BN-5 thru BN-9)
BL-37 & after, BP-64 & after, BU-1 thru BU-10, BV-10 & BW-1 & after
BB-1314, BT-23 & after
(except BT-28, BT-29 thru BT-46)
300, 300LW
FA-1 thru FA-230 and FF-1 thru FF-19
FL-1 & after
FM-1 & after and FN-1 & after



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