Eagle Fuel Drain Valve Kits

Eagle Valves

Improved sumping
This installation holds the fuel cell sump area in the cavity allowing for a more thorough sump.

Extra Protection
The kit protects the fragile rubber drain nipple from weather and wear and tear.

The valve is made of stainless steel and is assembled with MS29588 o-rings for long life.

Clean Look
The valve installs to a compact low profile look that covers unsightly openings in the wing.

Easier maintenance
Once installed, you can drain the cell, clean the valve, or change the standard o-ring from under the wing. Uses standard Nitile MS29513-006 & -010 or fluorosilicone MS25988/1-006 & -010 o-rings.

FAA Approved
TSO-C76 STC’d for installation on all Beechcraft, Piper PA-23, and Cessna 100 & 200 series aircraft with bladder type fuel cells.

By owners, aircraft associations, IA & A&P’s


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