Tech Info : Maintenance Issues

What are some of the problems out there?

AD 78-05-06 All Goodyear BTC-39 fuel cells: Condemned at removal
AD 84-10-01R1 Cessna 180 to 210 filler caps/ wrinkles/ quick drains
Check out our valve STC
AD 90-21-08 Cessna 180: add a left hand vent on early models
AD 90-23-18R1 Piper PA-23: Wedge kits field installed in inboard aft corner of fuel cells trap more water than original problem. Should be removed!

Beech MSB 2109 Replace deteriorating brown safety foam with Type IV blue safety foam on some Barons and Bonanzas equipped with baffle boxes.

Venting Bent vents or lines restricted by ice or insect nests cause a vacuum that unsnaps cell causing uneven flow & false fuel quantity indications

New Fuels Large quantities of Toluene, oxygenates, and other chemicals used to boost octane in Autogas & 100LL degrade rubber parts like o-rings & hoses

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