Who are some common manufacturers?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Firestone / AmFuel
BF Goodrich / AmFuel
US Rubber / Uniroyal / AmFuel
Goodyear Aerospace / Loral / Engineered Fabrics Corporation

Replacement part manufacturers (PMA)
Graham Lott Ent. / Duraflex / A/C Fuel Cells Worldwide / A/C Team
Aero-Tech Services / ATS
A.I.R. / Duralite / FFC Mfg
Eagle Technologies Co. / Eagle Fuel Cells-ETC, Inc.

Which construction types are repairable?

Goodyear / Loral / Engineered Fabrics
(multi-ply urethane)
Pre 1960 Pliocel All nylon construction,
becomes very brittle
1960-70 BTC-39 Condemned - AD 78-05-06 No
1970-72 BTC-54A Soft urethane similar to BTC-39
but thicker
1973-78 BTC-67 Urethane becomes stiff & brittle,
nipples break off
Not worth it
1979-88 BTC-85 Better urethane construction
with nitrile nipples
1988-on BTC-99 Latest construction very durable Yes
A.I.R. / Duralite (1-ply urethane)
FFC MFG. (1-ply nitrile)
1979-94 P-2315 Low-grade urethane, nipples break off body crumbles No
1994-on P-2393 Similar to 1975-91 Uniroyal, weak nipples Usually
US Rubber / AmFuel (multi-ply nitrile) Repairable?
1946-55 US-538N Durable military construction becomes stiff with age Sometimes
1956-on US-566R Durable military construction Usually
1956-59 US-584 Nitrile coated cotton fabric, dries out, shrinks, and tears Not worth it
1956-61 US-588 Durable military construction Usually
1959-62 US-907 Extremely thin material No
Uniroyal / AmFuel (1-ply nitrile) Repairable?
1963-74 US-943 Durable, gusseted corners, medium weight fabric Usually
1975-91 US-943 Less durable, stiff folded corners lower quality fabric Usually
Aero-Tech Services / A.T.S. (2-ply nitrile) Repairable?
1976-90 201 Blisters and separations, shrinkage, not ozone resistant Not worth it
1991-on 201 Shrinkage issue similar to US-584 Not worth it
Graham Lott Ent. / Duraflex / A/C Fuel Cells Worldwide / A/C Team (1-ply nitrile) Repairable?
1985-2002 Made of diaphragm material, dries out easily, leaks extensively, weak seams (Unapproved parts notice #96-269 April 13, 1999) No

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