Our original high-quality factory overhauls are accomplished by first removing the old leaking material from the inside of the cell. Then, using heat and pressure, we mold large areas of new rubber into the cell. We are not in the business of patching like other companies. Unlike other types of repair, our overhauls stay soft and flexible. Our quality overhauls have made our reputation grow because if you do it right the results speak for themselves and the good word spreads.

Turn Times

We offer the fastest turn times in the business and at no extra charge. Most cells sent in to us can be inspected, cleaned, overhauled, tested, re-inspected and returned in three days or less. Fuel cells sent A.O.G. overnight with minor repairs or for a test and re-certify are often turned around the very same day. We realize how crucial down time can be and respect what it means to our customers.


We have a large inventory of new and factory overhauled fuel cells ready for immediate delivery. We ship you a new or overhauled fuel cell, whichever you prefer, at an outright price. Since a large number of cells are not repairable (see listing in Tech Info), selling overhauled fuel cells outright produces less hassle for our customers because they aren't required to return their old fuel cell (core) that may or may not be repairable. We feel it's an easier and more streamlined way of doing business.

Used Fuel Cells

If you have an old fuel cell and wonder if it has value, give us a call and we can help you determine whether it is worth the freight to send it to us for cash credit. Whenever a fuel cell core is sent to us, we will evaluate it, discuss it with you and send you a check for its agreed value (if any) based on its condition.

Installation Kits and Miscellaneous Parts

We supply various fuel cell installation items that you may purchase individually or in a complete installation kit. Our kits may include (depending on particular fuel cell needs) precision gaskets made from high grade ASTM cork & rubber gasket material, bayonet hanger clips and suspension lacing cord, OEM cavity tape, and aviation grade stainless steel AN hose clamps. These kits are convenient and truly a value when compared to the time and money spent on buying each item individually.



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