New Fuel Cells

FAA PMA Replacements

We manufacture our own line of quality FAA-PMA (FAA approved Parts Manufacturing Authorization) replacement fuel cells for various aviation / aircraft applications. If the OEM part is not available, we can provide the next best alternative at an affordable price. Our new FAA-PMA cells are manufactured using a proprietary custom blended synthetic rubber compound specifically designed to withstand the harshest external physical conditions and the internal abuses inherent with chemical additives found in various aviation fuels.

Our FAA-PMA fuel cell manufacturing multi-ply seamless construction process produces a fuel cell that is as durable as it is flexible. In fact, our FAA-PMA fuel cells are so flexible that it typically takes about half the time to install one. That's why mechanics LOVE our tanks! Once installed, the cell is externally durable, internally impermeable, resistant to ozone damage and shrinkage and is compatible with all aviation and pump gas fuels, oils, and most corrosive fluids. The highest level of quality is assured through our proprietary FAA approved manufacturing process. Our stringent internal quality control system is regulated and monitored closely by the US Federal Government. Once you install one of our fuel cells you will never go back to the "other guys."

Our new manufactured FAA-PMA approved fuel cell replacements come with a 5-year warranty and high quality install kits.

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