Custom Fuel Cells

Custom fuel cells are any fuel cell that is not a production part. Each custom fuel cell requires individual attention to engineering design as well as manufacturing techniques. This can be an adaptation of an existing design or a completely new design.

With over 30 years of experience and well over five thousand unique bladder fuel cell projects completed, we can get the project done. Whether you are requiring a custom fuel bladder for various fuel containment needs or industrial applications, ferrying fuel, building a kit plane, designing your own aircraft, rebuilding a classic or Warbird, providing a safety bladder for your race car or off-road racing truck or race boat, we can provide you with a durable and flexible fuel bladder that will fit properly and give you long lasting service. We have a reputation for getting it right the first time.

From simple to complex, multiple factors are considered and factored into the cost of the fuel cell, for instance: shape, size and complexity, fittings (type, number, locations), baffle compartments, foam baffling, etc.

Basic design discussions can help define or refine your ideas before requesting a quote. T: 715.479.6149

Requesting a quote

  1. Submit a dimensional drawing include the size and centerlines of fittings. The drawing can be as simple as a hand drawing / sketch or a CAD drawing PDF format is easiest, OR
  2. Send in an old fuel cell to be remade, OR
  3. Send in the container, OR
  4. Send in a mock up or template.

Send to

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